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Retailers And Brands

Evaluating Quality and Sustainability Performance at Fabric Mills Around the World

With textile products, fabric quality is of the utmost importance to a retailer’s or brand’s success in the marketplace. Yet it is increasingly difficult to stay in control of this key parameter. There are now over thousands of mills in almost every country around the world. Business conditions are fluid, so you can’t depend on informed recommendations coming through the supply chain. Yet there are too many mills in too many places to visit—and no consistent way to assess their performance.

This complex situation is made even more challenging by today’s environmental concerns. Retailers and brands around the world want to encourage sustainable practices at every step in the process of bringing products to market. But making a commitment to sustainability requires assessing this process to shine a light on problem areas and reward environmentally friendly performance.

For retailers and brands, the Mill Qualification Program—MQP—ensures quality for customers and environmental performance they can report with confidence. It offers these key benefits:

Deep Visibility Into The Supply Chain

Since fabric is a critical element of any textile product’s quality, more and more retail brands place emphasis on the selection of a fabric mill.  Retailers and brands avoid quality defects by actively evaluating the capabilities of their mills.  MQP gives retailers and brands deep visibility into fabric sourcing, by providing instant access to a comprehensive, independent evaluation of a mill’s capabilities. This enables brands to select fabric mills based on technical capabilities and quality standards and ensures they will get the value they are paying for. Equally important, MQP gives retailers and brands insight into the environmental impact of fabric mill processes like dyeing and bleaching to help raise standards.

Mitigate Risk

Having complete information is key to eliminating unforeseen risk. In today’s global market, environmental regulations and public opinion vary greatly across countries. Therefore, conducting an environmental evaluation is a sound precaution and a smart, proactive measure. Encouraging a systematic evaluation of a mill’s environmental impact demonstrates the importance of sustainability to the mill’s overall operation, helping to trigger new awareness and new priorities in policies and practices.  MQP’s independent evaluation also helps raise awareness of potential compliance issues that could lead to supply interruption or unexpected problems during the expensive cut-and-sew stage.

Independent Third Party Expertise

MQP is a standardized evaluation based on accepted industry practices. The MQP trained experts are experienced in conducting comprehensive, independent quality and environmental evaluations around the globe. It minimizes the need to have in-house technical experts to navigate a growing number of worldwide mills.

Speeds New Products To Market

Assessing a new mill can take four weeks or more, seriously delaying production timelines. MQP enables you to instantly verify a new mill’s capabilities and environmental performance. Multiple parties can access the latest MQP mill profile and report to review an existing evaluation as well as access worldwide information on mills to speed decision making.

Eliminate The Cost Of Continually Evaluating New Mills

Retailers and brands ask many of the same questions of fabric mills resulting in duplication of efforts. MQP consolidates and leverages work already done and incorporates accepted industry practices into a standardized report that facilitates global, country and industry benchmarking. This lets you gain the information you need faster and more cost effectively.

Access Market-Wide Data For Better Decision Making

MQP gives you streamlined access to shared knowledge to enable benchmarking capabilities and performance. You have the ability to slice and dice more information, more ways to make better-informed decisions.


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