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Advancing Quality and Sustainability Performance
At Fabric Mills Globally

MQP—the Mill Qualification Program—represents a powerful industry partnership of retailers, brands, fabric mills and sustainability professionals. These leaders support MQP as a platform for facilitating high quality, sustainable textile procurement. Today, textile products are brought to market faster than ever. This requires all players to navigate an increasingly complex global marketplace, seeking reliable information and critical connections to fuel growth.

MQP allows industry stakeholders on all sides to leverage technology to share non-competitive information with greater efficiency—while acting with greater environmental responsibility. With instant access to key data, retailers and brands can cut costs while getting to market faster. Fabric mills can highlight their capabilities without duplication of effort and unnecessary downtime. The Mill Qualification Program’s goals for all participants are to improve financial performance, lower risk and affirm commitment to building a quality, sustainable supply chain.


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MQP is provided by Intertek and a working group of multinational retailers and brands, with global expertise in quality and environmental performance

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