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The MQP Process

1. On-line application for mill suppliers

MQP makes it easy for suppliers to apply for their evaluations with online registration. Once you finish the registration process you will be provided with a unique registration number. Please keep this number for your records, as you can use it later to search and download your evaluation report.
Your registration request is submitted to the local MQP operational office, who will be contacting  you to schedule the onsite evaluation.

2. On-site evaluation

MQP professionals will conduct a comprehensive mill quality and environmental review, including mill personnel interviews, relevant document verification, and mill production, inspection, dyeing/finishing/printing, lab and storage areas inspection, as applicable.
Once the evaluation is performed, the MQP report will be available online under your registered profile, for your instant access.

3. Reports and data analysis

MQP will release a complete evaluation report for each mill that is inspected. The standard scores for the quality and environmental sections will be stored in an online registry, and can be used for any retailer or vendor who works with a textile mill, and can be compared to other mills in the industry. Other information provided by this report will include:

•    Guidance in enhancing quality and environmental systems and processes
•    Graphic depiction of deficiencies using MQP performance areas and assessment methodology

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