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Showcase Your Quality and Sustainability Performance To Brands Around the World

MQP—the Mill Qualification Program—gives your mill the opportunity to be in control of its own destiny by connecting you directly to the retailers and brands that are your ultimate end customers. MQP lets you put your capabilities, quality and environmental performance directly in front of sourcing decision makers for global brands.

And while MQP is helping you market your mill better, it’s also providing you benchmarks against a world standard giving you the ability to improve your quality and environmental performance by.Overall, MQP gives fabric mills these benefits:

Make The Most Of Your Resources

MQP minimizes the number of onsite visits from inspectors asking the same questions, which can potentially disrupt manufacturing. You can redeploy valuable resources required to react to inquiries and refocus them on improving and enhancing your practices to achieve sustainable performance.

Reduce The Time It Takes To Get A New Order

MQP allows your customers to see at a glance your quality and environmental performance to allow for faster decision making, so you can book new orders without the delay and hassle of going through repetitive evaluation processes. MQP enhances your presentation to the market. It showcases your strongest capabilities, highlighting your competitive advantages. This attracts new customers looking for your capabilities and quality level. 

Raise Your Visibility To Key Sourcing Decision-Makers

MQP instantly puts you on the desks of the sourcing decision-makers for some of the world’s largest retailers and brands. It’s easier for decision-makers to consider you a preferred mill, based on your quality and environmental performance.

Sustainability Improvements

MQP promotes good social and environmental management and offers mills opportunities for sustainability improvements. Overall benefits of environmental evaluations include: limiting liability and potential for environmental fines; ensuring compliance with local laws; reducing waste, water and energy costs; and overall good public relations.

Get Involved With The End Customer

MQP allows you to showcase your capabilities to the end customers, who are in a position to request specific suppliers, giving you more control over your long-term business planning.. Retailers and brands are more likely to seek out the capabilities of mills that demonstrate a shared commitment to quality and environmental sustainability.

Third Party Evaluation Ensures Data Security

Because MQP’s evaluation process is conducted and managed by a third party, your data is carefully handled with the utmost security. You own the evaluation information for your mill and can provide it to any of your other customers.  Other mills do not receive access to your capabilities or scores. The MQP process is standardized and consistently deployed globally.



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