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About MQP

MQP creates an industry standard for evaluating quality and environmental performance at participating fabric mills globally.  The Mill Qualification Program—MQP—was developed by a working group of multinational retailers, brands, fabric mills and sustainability professionals to create efficiency and responsible collaboration across the industry.

In an increasingly complex sourcing environment, retailers and brands can now get deep insight into global fabric mills performance—without the time, hassle and expense of deploying their own in-house experts globally. Fabric mills can now connect directly with retailers and brands—their ultimate end customers—to quickly convey their capabilities. Secure access to these independent evaluations will facilitate faster and smarter business decisions, valuable benchmarking and quality and sustainability improvements.

MQP quality evaluations cover the typical stages of textile mill production: fiber production, fiber processing and spinning, yarn preparation, fabric production, bleaching, dyeing and printing and finishing.  The MQP environmental evaluation is used to obtain accurate, comprehensive and meaningful information on the environmental performance of the mill, such as waste, water & energy, from which management decisions can be based. 

MQP enables a more efficient process for all industry stakeholders. This frees up resources that can be applied to furthering innovation and sustainability globally. MQP allows industry players to work together to improve the quality standards and environmental impact of their worldwide supply chain.

The ultimate MQP benefit is a faster, more efficient approach to evaluating quality and sustainability—to measurably boost business value.


About Intertek

MQP is enabled by the technology and professional services of Intertek, the UK-based worldwide provider of quality and safety solutions for a wide range of industries. Intertek services include auditing and inspection, testing, quality assurance and certification. The company operates a global network of more than 1,000 laboratories and offices in 110 countries. Intertek customers include some of the world’s leading brands, major global and local companies and governments.

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